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For more information, see Azure Active Directory Terms of use feature.Type: New feature Service category: Terms of Use Product capability: Governance During the creation of your Terms of Use (To U), a new “custom” conditional access policy template is also created.The only way to hold table locks is to keep a transaction open.So we may need more information about this "deadlock in some of the stuff I do to the temp table".Because of this, on August 1, 2018, we will stop supporting Express Route for Azure AD services using Azure public peering and Azure communities in Microsoft peering.

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The basic sketch for what you've outlined would be: /* Create temp table here */ BEGIN TRANSACTION INSERT INTO #Table (/* Columns */) SELECT /* Columns */ FROM Source Table WITH (UPDLOCK, HOLDLOCK) /* Work within temp table here */ UPDATE st SET /* Set new column values based on temp table */ FROM Source Table st inner join #Table t on /* Key column join here */ COMMIT You need to specify an UPDATE lock rather than a shared lock, which is effectively "A shared lock now, but I intend to go exclusive later on within the same transaction", to prevent a possible deadlock.Type: New feature Service category: Identity Protection Product capability: User Authentication Use Azure AD Password Protection to help eliminate easily guessed passwords from your environment.Eliminating these passwords helps to lower the risk of compromise from a password spray type of attack.Type: Plan for change Service category: Other Product capability: Identity lifecycle management At the end of July 2018, you'll notice that all Azure AD emails will have an updated design, sender email address, and sender display name when sent from the following services: Type: New feature Service category: Reporting Product capability: Monitoring & Reporting With the introduction of the Client App field in the Sign-in activity logs, customers can now see users that are using legacy authentications.Customers will be able to access this information using the Sign-ins MS Graph API or through the Sign-in activity logs in Azure AD portal where you can use the Client App control to filter on legacy authentications. Type: Plan for change Service category: Reporting Product capability: Monitoring & Reporting Due to our stronger security enforcement, we’ve had to make a change to the permissions for apps that use a delegated authorization flow to access Azure AD Activity Logs APIs. If any of your apps use Azure AD Activity Log APIs, follow these steps to ensure the app doesn’t break after the change happens.To enable TLS 1.2, by browser Type: New feature Service category: Enterprise Apps Product capability: 3rd Party Integration In June 2018, we've added these 15 new apps with Federation support to our app gallery: Skytap, Settling music, SAML 1.1 Token enabled LOB App, Supermood, Autotask, Endpoint Backup, Skyhigh Networks, Smartway2, Tonic DM, Moconavi, Zoho One, Share Point on-premises, Fore See CX Suite, Vidyard, Chronic X For more information about the apps, see Saa S application integration with Azure Active Directory.

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