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viewers will face some big changes come fall: in June, news broke that Leah Remini, who made a notable guest appearance in Season 1, would return as a series regular—and that Erinn Hayes, who plays Kevin’s wife of 20 years on the show, would be out as the sitcom forges “a new creative direction.” Now we know a little more about what will happen to Hayes’s character, Donna: apparently, CBS plans to kill her off and start Season 2 with a time jump.

The decision to cut Hayes from Season 2 was reportedly “not a reflection” of Hayes’s performance, which leads us to wonder why the series has chosen to go with such a blunt, unreversible write-off—the sort of exit that’s usually reserved for difficult performers, or those who have really, —so it’s easy to understand why CBS would want to reunite the two.

It’s something that will have taken place in the past.

I don’t want to address it until we see eventually what’s on tape in the first episode.”Still, doesn’t Hayes deserve better than the Valerie Harper treatment?

He's not your real dad.' Twenty years later, she's finally ready ...

See full summary » Director: Kulap Vilaysack A nurse is found dead in her house by her friend, who's also a nurse. Lewis Harvey's personal history with a client forces him and Mike to take on an unorthodox case from which they'd normally walk away.

Actress, comedian Erinn Hayes has a very physically active lifestyle that helps keep herself fit. She also loves trail walking and heading out to the beach when she has a free time.

(Perlman disputes that she wanted Thomas off the show; instead, she has said that she didn’t like the idea of her character settling down.) Katherine Heigl left only after Shonda Rhimes gave her character an embarrassing case of hallucinatory brain cancer, which caused her character to think she was having an affair with her long-dead boyfriend.

It was probably the easiest casting that we had."“They’re such different shows.

When Kulap Vilaysack was 14, she took her father's side in an argument and her mother replied, 'Why are you defending him?

The same year, she made her first television appearance as an uncredited role in drama series Providence. Lola Spratt in the adult swim comedy television series titled Childrens Hospital.

Her other notable works include, The Winner (2007), Worst Week (2008-2009) and Guys with Kids (2012-2013).

In 2012, she had her first feature film role in the black comedy It's a Disaster.

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