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There were many, but John barely remembered him spending anytime with him.Nevertheless, he provided well for him and his mother, despite the fact that the two never married.A blog that was posted in website “Love-Life Learning Center” created by Dr.Tom Jordan and his wife whose professions are in the field of psychology: states that fathers need to nurture their daughters in order for them to have a secure sense of themselves as individuals and as desirable women.When the children’s personality is affected negatively, their ability to achieve happiness diminishes.This is the case with women who grew up with the emotional absence of their father.Also prostitutes who involve their body with men but not necessarily involving their feelings at all. Last but not least the woman who ends up having relationships with those who are married and which is convenient to her because she never really wants to commit either anyway.

The third type of relationships is “Avoiding engaging emotions” which is where women just avoid getting involved their emotions with men and so they decide to focus instead on their careers, taking care of others by serving them, serving to god, to their sister’s sons and daughters and so on. Therefore if a girl does not receive this during her childhood development, when she grows older she will have difficulties with her personality by being insecure, having low self- esteem and being unable to recognize her self-worth.Girls need to be taught by their father about men so when they grow up to women, they would be able to acquire healthy relationships.The first one is called “The multi-faceted arena of relationships” this is the type of relationships where women who don’t have a sense of validation for themselves tend to look for it by having sex with men until they think they found the “right” one that makes them feel accepted. “Absent Father & His Daughter’s Love-Life.” Love Life Learning Center. The second one is “Marrying “Daddy” which is the type of relationship where women seek for older men wanting to find the father figure they never had. However, if fathers do not provide with this type of nurturing then the daughters will have grief and will search for the missing father’s love somewhere else.

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