Fender king dating


We won’t guarantee that it is the amp for all of you, but for some it can be THE Fender amp for all your needs. With humbuckers he gets a serious distorted blues tone from it.

There is a youtube clip where he and John Mayer appeared on a Rolling Stones concert jamming on Freddie King’s Going down.

John Mayer has his signature scooped, mellow strat tone.

During the 1980s, superstrats were becoming popular amongst the many hard rock and metal guitarists, who needed the modifications to suit their individual playing styles.

The Vibro-King is a dual 6L6 amp that produces 60w at 2 ohms.

Getting 60w from a pair of 6L6 requires a high plate voltage and big power and output transformers.

Based on a request from fenderguru friend Samantha we will do a little review of the Fender Vibro-King.

We won’t list all the simple product facts that you can google yourself, but give you our opinion of the flag ship of Fender amps.

If you are into more rock’n roll, or a fat, chunky clean sound, you should go for other speakers with more low end.We have found some of the best modern Jimmie Vaughan and Robert Cray tones with the blue frame Eminence Alnicos in this amp (maybe also with the Jensen P10r).The tone is very direct, snappy, responsive and you will hear all the trebly details from your fingers and strings.Personally we like to reduce the tone and mix and go for a longer dwell.The tremolo can go really deep and slow, more than you might be used to with the blackface and silverface Fenders.56% of the controls on the faceplate is about reverb and tremolo.

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