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Fort Lovrijenac is a stunning and imposing cliff-top fort in Dubrovnik.

Steeped in legend and dubbed Dubrovnik's Gibraltar, Lovrijenac Fortress (aka the Red Keep in King’s Landing) was built on a 37m high cliff to protect the city from a Venetian attack in the 11th century.

Forestry and hydroelectric power add to this resource-rich community.

Fishing, excellent year-round sports facilities, and a strong local arts community meet the needs of everyone. John and the Peace area is unsurpassed…so come and enjoy! John is located in beautiful Northern British Columbia, 300 miles (478 km) northeast of Prince George (5-hour drive) and 773 miles (1,237 km) north of Vancouver (14-hour drive). John is situated near the border with neighbouring Alberta, 134 miles (214 km) west of Grande Prairie, Alberta (2½-hour drive). John Airport is the gateway to the Peace River Region of British Columbia.

North American’s longest river system, the Mackenzie-Peace River system, flows over 4,200 kilometres from northern BC to the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic Ocean.

Construction of the Rocky Mountain Fort by the North West Company commenced the following year, on the first of six sites chosen for the town of Fort St. Fur traders, explorers and homesteaders followed, settling into this vast, remote and rugged region.

The company’s dominance of the region’s fur trade ended with its amalgamation with the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1821.

The centre offers a variety of shows, from the famous to the showcasing of local talent, live theatre, music and dancing.

Indoor Activities: Head indoors on rainy days to the North Peace Leisure Pool, the finest leisure pool facility in Northeastern BC. Join them for an exciting underground bus tour of one of the world’s largest earth-filled structures.

Daily flights are available from Western Canada’s 3 major gateways; Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary.

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