Free anonymous webcam


Dial in as the host (call your dial-in number and enter the access code followed by pound or hash (#), then press star (*) and enter the host PIN when prompted). To stop and save the recording, press *9 again and 1 to confirm. Record audio, video and screen sharing sessions using Web Controls. Record audio, video and screen sharing with the desktop application. We have in-country dial-in numbers in 65 countries and counting.During a live conference call, log in to your account. To set up an international conference call, provide participants with the local in-country dial-In number and access code.

Hosts additionally enter the host PIN followed by pound or hash (#).

Online meetings support video conferencing and screen sharing.

Hosts and participants can share screens, documents, slides, spreadsheets, etc.

With Alter Cam you can add image overlays to your video chats, apply effects in the real time.

Moreover, with Alter Cam you will never got those "web cam busy" error again - our program can split the video stream to as many programs as you wish.

On Free Conference apps, hosts can access call controls, see the list of participants on the call, show video and share computer screens, documents, web links or presentations. Participants can be muted using the Web Controls panel located on your Meeting Wall or the Meeting Dashboard.

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