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The conversation goes from breeding dogs, to Johnny's recent four-month stretch, to his nephew's bad behaviour in the local crack shacks.

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Most non-addicts head into the shelter before 11 p.m., but those with addictions are too focused on getting high to go to bed.In the middle of the night, the junkies come in for a respite from the mean streets. It's foggy out and through the windows I can see suspicious apparitions move back and forth along the street. Her friend is hunting through a bag of makeup as if it might provide a solution for the ravages of drugs. Prosperity, huh, what a joke." He "used to do the drugs but now I hit the booze." Before drifting off into the night he tells me: "Behind every tree is a Cree." Miracle of Whalley Nightshift Ministries, a collection of local churches, runs a donated clothing depot and nightly soup kitchen for the area's destitute. Their website asks for other churches to come and join in the "miracle of Whalley." Nightshift has bright lights which they erect in the parking lot off King George Highway, where the food is served. More than once I heard people ask for a change but it was not an option.At a.m., two haggard women start injecting heroin right there in the Front Room. One of the women is standing slumped to the side with a needle in her hand. Neither looks very different from the POWs in the film. A 10-foot tall wooden cross is brought out and a microphone and speakers are set up. Clean-cut volunteers stand with arms around their children, while the entertainment says things like: "We're going to sing a song now boasting about how great our God is" and "We should all be grateful for God's kindness." When it's dark out, the lights are too bright and illuminate only the space where food is served, making the rest of the parking lot and the nearby alley seem even darker, the people in them less human beings than moving shadows.As she's talking, another girl, Jodie, who is a couple of years older than Tina, turns up. "You shouldn't hang out with gangsters if you're not going to sleep from that," replies Jodie. I tried to walk away from him and they told me to stop. When I put my head up to see what was going on a cop stamped on my face and kept his foot there. That's uncalled for." The conversation moves on to the victimization of women by men.I had to get on the floor with my hands behind my head. Jenny, who is petite, amicable and pretty, was a prostitute in a massage palour before she got on crack. My tooth was knocked out, my nose was broken, and my pants had been ripped off." Charlene sighs: "I don't understand why these men prey on us." When Jenny left the massage parlour and came to Whalley she was shocked at what the girls on the street here allow. There are large globules of dried phlegm down the left leg of his pants.window.__INITIAL_STATE__={"trending":,"content":,"topic":,"sectional Content":,"density":,"loader":,"detail":{"short":{"id":"1.4564952","type":"story","source":"","corrections":[],"clarifications":[],"headline":"RCMP investigating supervisor for allegedly simulating sex act on an eggplant","shareheadline":"RCMP investigating supervisor for allegedly simulating sex act on an eggplant","originalheadline":"RCMP investigating supervisor for allegedly simulating sex act on an eggplant","deck":"Investigation triggered when officer under his command was fired","summary":"An RCMP supervisor who appeared to simulate fellatio on an eggplant while at work and who allegedly texted questionable comments about black policemen and the Black Lives Matter movement is being investigated for his conduct.","byline":"CBC News","highlights":,"intlinks":[{"flag":"CBC Investigates","headlineimage":,"categorization":,"jsonurl":"\u002Fjson\u002Fcmlink\u002Fmen-only-rcmp-facebook-group-crosses-line-of-conduct-say-female-rcmp-members-1.4533910","author":,"deck":"Force says employees must avoid 'disgraceful' behaviour in private as well as public lives","workflowanalysis":,"description":"Female RCMP members say a secret Facebook group restricted to male RCMP members reinforces the boys' club nature of the force at a time when it is facing harassment lawsuits.","headlinemedia":{"jsonurl":"\u002Fjson\u002Fcmlink\u002Frcmp-1.3573459","deck":"Pelican Narrows RCMP said that a 17-month-old girl has died after being struck by a vehicle on Friday evening.","description":"Pelican Narrows RCMP said that a 17-month-old girl has died after being struck by a vehicle on Friday evening.","title":"RCMP","type":"image","url":"https:\u002F\u002ca\u002Fnews\u002Fcanada\u002Fsaskatoon\u002Frcmp-1.3573459","derivatives":,"size":"full","useoriginalimage":false,"originalimageurl":"https:\u002F\u002ca\u002F1.3573459.1526174426!

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