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Another sessions with Gabbi from Hungary, which was nice too. With that said I don't think I will come back to this club again, the trip just aint worth it for a few pearls, you might meet if you are lucky. There is some seriousely fugly biathes there with huge asses, where the f**k have FKK's come to? If I choose to live in Charlottenburg then taxi is very cheap as well. I collapsed next to her with heart pounding like hell. I am flying from Copenhagen to Berlin, if I'm in good time with flight tickets I can get them for 60 euro round trip, if I want to go to Frankfurt from Copenhagen flight tickets are 350 euro so for me the decision is easy.Their monopoly as an FKK in Berlin lets them set the prices accordingly I guess.Like Goldentime in Vienna which has even crazier entry fee at 90 e. She keeps them in a box and we she opens that box you can see, it isn't so many.I think that a tablet would get a different reception and mobile phones are of course verboten. At Free Hookups, we can guarantee you will find the perfect match.

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There is no security safe but I carry my passport and cash with me and store them in the Artemis locker.

I have sometimes left a tablet or laptop charging in the IBIS room and have never had a problem. I find the best internal spot is the downstairs bar. Usually at extra cost and I suspect with chaps that the girls recognise and so are unlikely to be from the Authorities.

In Frankfurt a few of the clubs is outside the center and if you don't wish to use public transportation like me then it gets expensive to go by taxi. Then again, most people at Oase only pay 50 anyway.

Even the hotel is much cheaper in Berlin so as a tourist it's a no brainer with all what Berlin has to offer. Indeed Oase is better, but Artemis has more girls and slightly better variety historically.

And less chance for groups to apply club wide upselling. Still Artemis is a bit high priced compared to competition in western Germany, making it less ideal for FKK travels.

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