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No worries doll, just get yourself a girdle to cinch yourself in. (Refer back to patient friend with strong stomach in previous chapter). To truly fit in with your newly adopted culture there are two things you'll need some basic knowledge of: Music: Ok, now we know you like Tiger Army, and well, ok, that's a good start.

Depending on how long you can hold your breathe, this will work, and if you play your cards right sweetheart you might catch the attention of one of those cute greaser boys! Play hard to get and you might even get three dates in before he gets that dress off you and finds out you're not a size 4! But you need to be able to speak knowledgably about more rockabilly music.

We'd love to see a Sunset Coast Rock'n'Roll Festival get off the ground. We'd like to see it not-for-profit, so grants and sponsorship can be accessed. We've had many requests, and we do have some of the expertise ...

but this website is our contribution to Perth Rock'n'Roll.

There are a million obscure rockabilly bands from back then and no one knows ALL of them, (except Mark Lee Allen. (Now remember, this is only a beginners book, so you may want to consult my follow up book, THE IDIOTS GUIDE TO HOTRODS.) First off, '57 Chevys are not cool. " When you're cleavage comes popping out of your tiny size 4 dress he'll be hooked, and you'll have a car to hang out on! (You can steal this from mom's fridge if need be, this is important shit!

It needs a group of enthusiastic people, with diverse skills and interests, willing to put in time to shape an event where all dance schools, clubs and dancers feel welcome and included. Then build on it, when we have perfected the formula, and the right set of individuals to run it.

As a result the organizers will need broad representation, and a vast skill base to be effective. We suggest looking at the second half of the year, as there are plenty of festivals in the first half.

(Note: rockabilly girls may only sport three shades of hair color: black, red, or blond. Curls, liberal use of hairspray, and you're good to go! For everyday you'll need jeans, (consult previous chapter for cuff rule), any ridiculously small top that spills your boobs out over it, and a bandanna to wear in your unnaturally black hair.

For evening: Get yourself a few saucy vintage dresses on Ebay. Now, it's true all vintage dresses are size 4s and you're a 10. Now that you've got your hair all dyed and greased and your jeans cuffed to regulation length you're ready to move onto the real meat of the rockabilly lifestyle.

If they make it in leopard print then you need to go buy it. It doesn't matter if you're so damn pale that black hair will make you look like you've just risen from the grave, it's mandatory.

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