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And her dad came in and sat down next to me and stayed there for a while, I guess to make sure I was asleep. I heard him kinda gasp/choke when my pussy became visible, and groaning "Oh my God..." when he pulled the shirt up to above my nips.I heard a zip and then breathing that slowly got harder, and then a sort of wet slappy noise for a minute, and then it stopped and I felt something warm and wet slowly trail along my chest and touch my nips, and then felt it touch my mouth, pushing between my lips a little bit and touching my tongue. It made me feel warm and fuzzy in my tummy and I ended up kinda making motions pretending I was just trying to swim, but kinda spreading my legs so I'd bump up on his finger better. I won't tell you my age, but I bet if you pay attention you can probably make a pretty good guess, lol. I'll go through life from now on wondering if that cashier knows... But he had one hand under my chest with one finger touching my nip through my undershirt, and his other hand under my hips, with one finger kinda wriggling between my legs a bit through the fabric of my panties.A few months later I was awake at night again, and at the time I'd started trying all kinds of different things to rub myself with.I had a pair of smooth plastic sunglasses and was rubbing them up and down on my panties, the little gap between the lenses flicking at my button, and outside my room I heard the same slappy noise again, and soft moaning. I spread my legs slowly, exposing my little pussy to full view, and the wetness between my legs was actually visibly glinting in the soft light.

I was starting to feel really funny, and then I heard a hiss of breath and just felt warmth flooding the outside of my pussy, some warm gooey wet stuff covering me and tickling me as it dripped down to the bed.It felt like all the tension that had built up in my body was pouring right out of me from between my legs! I touched myself even more than before, only now I knew how to take it all the way to the finish. Keep dipping into your sweet little honeypot like that baby... James: Go just a little deeper, up to the first knuckle, but no further. " After that night, I kept in touch with James and talked to him for hours every day. I walked back in selfconscious as all hell, feeling the eraser squish against my button with every step. The principal had been really concerned and sweet and I kept telling him I was fine. The bell rang, I packed my stuff, my classmates all hovered around asking useless questions like "are you ok" and I couldn't wait to get outta there. I stopped behind a tree and looked through my whole backpack... Wriggling around his bulge I moved my arm to his side and found his forearm, stroking it and moving towards his hand.Eventually, using my computer, I found out that it was called masturbation, that I was cumming, that I had a clitty, that what I'd seen and felt were penises, that they produced cum too. I quickly pulled my blankets up to my chin, took a deep breath, and sent the cam invite. You might feel your cherry, don't push against it. I barely had time to read his message before his cock started to pump out gushes and gushes of creamy white cum that ran all over his hand, and oh God I was cumming so hard nothing else mattered, all I could think about was my gushing pussy and his creaming cock, not caring if I woke up my dad, moaning loudly "Yes! Sometimes he'd watch me make myself cum for him, other times he'd just answer my questions and teach me tips and tricks about my own body and about men, and I could talk to him about anything I thought or wondered about. Imagine him in his bed, stroking his big swollen cock to the thought of you... I sat down and it pressed up against me, I almost moaned but managed to stick to a soft sigh. Ashford, Right now, I'm sitting in your classroom watching you grade papers, and I'm looking at the outline of the bulge in your jeans. My dad would be ok, he'd just have to stay for observation for a while, he'd asked the principal to tell me what had happened and to go stay with our neighbours tonight, and that they'd take me to see him tomorrow... I was halfway home before I remembered what I'd been doing before the principal called me out to the hallway. John froze, but I gave no indication of being awake, and his heavy breathing soon started up again.A minute later I felt him wiping me with something, and he quickly left.When I was sure he was gone and that my friend was still asleep next to me, I licked my lips and tasted more of the salty stuff, pulled up my nightshirt again, and started petting the spot where the warm wet thing had been sliding.Not very often though, because if I tell the truth about my a/s/l they just get weird and leave, or lecture me that I shouldn't be there, and if I lie about my age they just wonder why I won't turn my webcam on. Then he started to sit up and reach for his desk again, and I knew this would be it. Finally feeling his skin on mine, his fingers softly and easily burrowing between my slippery lips, shooting incredible shocks through me with every touch of my button. And while they all may be very normal and even healthy, it's important to also learn to control them. Ashford." "That's what every little girl thinks, but-" "Little girl?!? I'm sure some things are fun to dream about, but do you honestly think you'd be ready to carry them out in the real world? I'm right in front of your face, completely open, waiting. Ashford I'm cummingggggg in your mouthhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", thrashing and spasming against his lips and tongue as I felt him moan his "Mmmmmmmmhh"s loudly into me and slurp madly while my pussy flooded his lips and tongue with my cum.

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