Funny one liners dating website

You could be introduced to her, or you may walk into her in the hallway.

All it takes is the first few minutes for her to make an impression about you.

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The first conversation plays a big part in impressing a girl.

And at the end of the conversation, it will leave her thinking fondly of you because she had a nice time with you!

You can exchange flirty glances with a girl the whole night, but if you can’t make a move and have a fun conversation with her, you won’t be able to impress her.

Once you get to know her and you’re a few minutes into the conversation, put her down about something that she’s very confident about.

She’d retaliate in jest immediately and she’d know you’re only teasing her anyway. Pretend to be dumb and clueless about something she says *as long as it’s trivial* and then let her know you knew it already.

[Read: How to date a girl by using self deprecating humor] #4 Tease her.

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