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Most sexually harassing behavior is student-on-student. In "The Report Card on Gender Equity", by the National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education (NCWGE), it was reported that, of students who have been sexually harassed, 90% were harassed by other students.(NCWGE, 1997) And in their 2006 report on sexual harassment in higher education, the AAUW reported that 80% of students sexually harassed were targeted by other students.These hazing behaviors develop in school, continue in high school and college, eventually moving into the workplace.

Geoscience Australia hosts earth science related programs and events for teachers.The definition of sexual harassment includes harassment by both peers and individuals in a position of power relative to the person being harassed.In schools, though sexual harassment initiated by students is most common, it can also be perpetrated by teachers or other school employees, and the victim can be a student, a teacher, or other school employee.Each year Gwinnett Online Campus delivers over 5000 course segments to students across the district and over 500 students are enrolled full-time in grades 4 - 12. You can view the press release with some statistics about EA students who were admitted here.Please be sure to read the deferred student FAQ page before commenting on here.

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