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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Monday, May 16, 2016 at 8pm ET/PT, Food Network premiered the season finale of CAKE MASTERS.In the season ender, "Duff's Rockin' Dockers Cake," Duff and his crew get a casual khaki makeover and fashion an amazing cake for Dockers' anniversary, complete with a giant ship, dock and San Francisco cityscape!Superheroes and monsters are the themes in Weeks 1 and 2."We wanted to film in my bakery so that it felt authentic," he said. Obviously, the move west that so frightened Goldman in 2011 has been a success.

As the two make their entrance and approach the kids, a trembling boy whispers to the child next to him, "I didn't think they were real."I don't know about Bertinelli, kid, but Goldman is definitely real."And then, you come to this place like the Holy Sepulchre, and you see there are regular people with true faith. And I'm like, 'This is the greatest place on earth.'"It's not easy getting from Goldman's recollection of an experience like that to talking about 12-year-olds making snickerdoodles, but the "Kids Baking Championship" is one of the reasons we were talking in the first place. Yeah, some of the kids are too precocious and precious for words — and almost all are playing to the cameras.And their belief is so strong and beautiful to witness."Goldman said he is not particularly religious or observant in his faith."I mean, I'm definitely Jewish," he said. And I mean, all of them: the Muslims, the Coptics, and the Greek Orthodox and Christians."He describes what he experienced at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre:"I'm wearing a yarmulke, because I believe that when I go in a church, I'm in the presence of God, and I'm supposed to cover my head — even though I'm in a church, not a synagogue. But you have to smile at the 12-year-old who says, "I've never been in the same room with three other boys that love baking as much as I do." Or, there's the 10-year-old who has his own pastry business and says he's making 0 to 0 at each bake sale he works.And so it was again when we reconnected this month on the phone to talk about the kids cooking show, which premieres Feb.2, and another series he has debuting on the channel Thursday. Less than five minutes into our interview, Goldman explained that he was calling from Jerusalem, and he thought that might be why he sounded so calm."I've spent the last two days in the Old City kind of talking to God, so it's probably a very good time to interview me, because I feel very clear-headed and focused," he said.Very large corner lot with a separate, fenced entertaining area! Come explore this beauty- it's sure to check most, or all, 79 Manthorne Rd, Boston, MA 02132 (MLS# 72341847) is a Single Family property with 5 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms and 2 partial bathrooms.

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