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Single women over 40 have had to deal with stigma for too long.

We think it's time to get over the stereotyping and focus on the truth: single women aged 40 make amazing partners. At Elite Singles we are proud to provide the latest dating insights and relationship advice.

That said, there’s the other side of the coin, too.

But the truth about relationships is that they are hard work, and you need a whole lot of heart to create a relationship that can last a lifetime.

Here, we lay out 10 pieces of hard-earned love advice that can make a real difference in your relationship Healthy relationships don't just happen, they require communication, emotional intelligence and understanding. Click here to read advice from our in-house psychologist Salama Marine on how to build a great, long-lasting relationship.

There are plenty of romantic things to do in London, but sometimes it can be difficult choosing what to do.

If you need date ideas, London can be transformed into your dating playground with Elite Singles.

As such, make sure you both fully understand each other’s priorities and where you fit into the equation. Or you know, get out before you’re facing divorce #2.

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