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Next to any folder (except for shared folders), the number of unread items is shown in square brackets.Next to the Sent Items folder, the number in square brackets shows how many items are pending to be sent from Caching or Remote mode.However, if the folder contains a large number of items, it could take a while for the contents of the folder to display.To select the default read option for the folder: Display settings determine how Group Wise displays the information in a particular folder.When you display the Favorites Folder List, the most recently used folders are also displayed in a separate list, in the section.Up to 15 folders that you access most frequently are displayed at the top of this section.However, your Group Wise administrator can change this functionality to delete or archive your messages after a given amount of time.To ensure that your items are not deleted, you can archive them manually.

If the item you move is a folder, and a folder with the same name already exists in the new location, a dialog box opens so you can change the name of the folder you are moving.For example, you can sort the items in one folder by date, and sort the items in another folder by company.The Favorites Folder List allows you to add your most commonly used folders to the Simple Folder List for quick access.When you protect a folder, a small shield icon is displayed on the bottom right of the folder icon.Items do not display any notification that the are protected.To hide or show the Folder List, click You cannot delete the Calendar, Documents, Mailbox, Sent Items, Tasklist, Contacts, Cabinet, Work In Progress, or Trash folders.

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