Hi 5 dating

The friend requests to other hi5 users can be sent by way of email as well.

Whatever your stance on the privacy policy of the site, you can protect yourself and your information by making sure you only put what you want on the site.

Don't put more information than you would feel comfortable with the whole world knowing. Keep yourself safe on the web and any problems with hi5 will seem less.

hi5 is the best place to date, chat, or meet new people!

The reason for this is that hi5 openly admits to storing the email addresses of those to whom users send invitations.

Hi5 is not as large of a social network in the United States as a site like Facebook. As a result, a new English speaking user looking to make friends might face a bit of a language barrier if he is trying to connect with a large portion of the site's users.

At present, two hundred games are the part of this application that you can play with your mate.

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