Highest paying dating keywords


Not that any of them is advising you wrong, it’s just there’s no universal approach to executing keyword research.It will vary based on: This is why you might find it hard to relate to a random step-by-step guide that you stumble upon.The challenge of “picking a niche” deserves a big and detailed guide of its own.But generally, there are two ways to approach this: Start from exploring available monetisation methods. And then think of search queries that people might be using to find it in Google.At least we’ve grown search traffic to this very blog by 2.4x in one year by doing it: Seed keywords are the foundation of your keyword research.

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So all you need to do is browse their website until you discover a product (or a category of products) that you’re willing to promote.Another option is to scout affiliate marketplace sites like Click Bank or , that connect product owners with affiliates.And finally, just review the products and services that you’re using yourself and see if you can become an affiliate.Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer tool gives me almost 5 million keyword ideas for that seed keyword: In order to “niche down,” I need to focus on longer and more specific keywords that have the word “music” in them.So I will use the “Words” filter to narrow down that huge list of keyword ideas to those with exactly 4 words.You have to be looking for some unique keywords that none of your competitors are targeting yet.

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