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A 10% commission is paid on the packages purchased by personally recruited One Coin affiliates.

When a One Coin affiliate joins the company, for their first 30 days they are paid an additional 10% recruitment commission on any packages purchased by newly recruited affiliates.

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We are not in the business of selling your personal information to third parties.Basically, everybody’s tokens multiply, which drives down the value of an individual token.One Coin are quite secretive about their One Exchange virtual currency trading platform, however one can safely assume ther’re withdrawal limits and restrictions on the amount of tokens an affiliate can “sell” over set periods of time.This is why the company purportedly does not operate there.Not that Europe is any more welcoming of such scams, only that the anonymous owners are obviously hedging their bets against getting away with it by registering the company in Bulgaria.Where permitted by the provisions of applicable law, Onecoin may though share such information from time to time with the following third parties: Any government agency or other appropriate governmental, police, or regulatory authority in state of Bulgaria or elsewhere in order to meet legal security and regulatory requirements.

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