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If cameras alone could solve police accountability then Rodney King would have a Nobel Peace prize and none of us would know the names of Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Walter Scott, or Laquan Mc Donald.

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As we’ve said many times, there is no reason for the government to be filming or otherwise monitoring its citizens absent suspicion of wrongdoing—but it absolutely is the people’s right to monitor their government, including police officers, and how they are doing their jobs.That will make them vulnerable to police intimidation.(The same goes for extra-judicial intimidation.] Covering your face isn't just about the cold, I would encourage people who have little experience in the streets to mask up. Do bring three days of any other prescribed medications in original containers with full instructions. Standard Disclaimer: None of the above is written by a lawyer, and frankly if you get legal advice from strangers in forums...Such concerns are why the ACLU recommends (including in our model legislation) that police department adopt a policy against the taking of video of people who are merely exercising their First Amendment rights.Of course, none of this means that the police cannot turn on their cameras during the inauguration or march if something goes down.The policy of the DC police, like most, stipulates that officers are to turn their cameras when engaged in “police actions” such as calls for service, pursuits, searches, stops, etc.

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