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The mall was absolutely flooded with a lot of Black boys and a ton of White girls who wore Baby Phat jackets, long dangling earrings and combed down their baby hair.

Initially, it was jarring as hell for me because growing up in the town that we lived in, I had become accustomed to hanging out with suburban White girls who looked like cast members on Full House, while being romantically interested in Black girls.

30 article in Fifteen Minutes about interracial dating on Harvard's campus, "With or Without Discrimination, Subverting Stereotypes Through Dating," presents the opinions of our experiences as a black-white couple as a series of critiques solely coming from the Harvard black community; in fact, our experiences with black students are only a part of our experiences here at Harvard and this article has falsely presented the black community as a monolithic entity with one negative voice regarding interracial relationships.

The way that this article is formatted presents our negative experiences as the main topic of the article. We were approached by The Crimson, and after consideration, agreed to be featured, due to the fact that we love this campus, and genuinely believe that it can do better, and wanted to productively and positively contribute to the conversation.

Due to our experiences with loved ones back home, we recognize that racism is a multifaceted, complex thing and that many times, well-intentioned, good people of all races can still say problematic or hurtful things.

We care about many of the people that we spoke about in this article, and that is why we were ambiguous with refusing to provide identities when telling these stories.

Dami was emailed by Fifteen Minutes asking if we would be interested in being interviewed for an article about interracial relationships at Harvard.

That thought danced through my mind Tuesday night as I sat in front of my TV, watching Donald Trump amass electoral college votes and at once, it all came to me. That’s not to say that I don’t trust any White people, because there’s White people in my life that I genuinely love, but I don’t go into situations with many unknown White people and automatically just believe that they are all for equality and hold absolutely zero prejudice values.

Maybe this stems from being called a “nigger” at age 7 when I was assaulted by two older White men.

These stories and experiences with students who are not black are either skimmed over or not mentioned at all, leading to a skewed and inaccurate portrayal of what we opened up about regarding our experiences on campus.

We believe that there is not enough nuance in portraying our story; if we had been interviewed by the The Crimson regarding our experiences as an interracial couple in general, our answers to questions would have been extremely different.

As students, we fear that this misrepresentation will silence our peers in speaking out about their experiences, due to fear of being portrayed in an unfair manner.

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