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But, just then, Andy's eyes glazed over, and I felt his cock pumping more of his wonderful seed into my pussy.The whole time I was being fucked, Terry was furiously wanking his cock, and he had left a substantial amount of come on the mattress.We had a few drinks in a local bar, and it soon became clear to Andy just what we were there for.I'd dressed just as Terry wanted, a blouse with no bra, short skirt and stockings, no knickers and high-heeled shoes.In the end, I had to tell him to go back to the bar for another half an hour, to let Andy and I become better acquainted.Once Terry had gone, Andy really turned all his attention to me, pulling my blouse off and getting me really turned on.Within seconds I was on my back, my legs up over Andy's shoulders, and his huge cock in my hand.It was so fat I couldn't even get my fingers completely around it.

He went on and on at me for ages to live out his fantasy, and I must admit, the thought of it had my juices flowing, so I decided to go along with it.

Andy gasped and panted as he began to come, and I felt his spunk shooting into my pussy.

I wrapped my legs around him and held him there as he rocked, and unloaded the last of his spunk into me.

I began to wonder if I could take the thing in my pussy.

I watched him slide back his foreskin to reveal a wicked looking purple helmet.

I drew my knees up beside my head to receive him fully into me.

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