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If you are a red revolutionary at the age of twenty you have some chance of being up to date when you are forty In 1936 a revised edition of “Benham’s Book of Quotations Proverbs and Household Words” was published, and it included an instance of the statement which was attributed to François Guizot.This is the earliest linkage to Guizot known to QI. Clemenceau adapted this saying, substituting “socialiste” for “republicain.”A bright little comedy of errors is Kenyon Nicholson’s “Before You’re Twenty-five,” now being presented at the Bliss-Hayden Theater by a zestful young cast…In conclusion, the earliest citation located by QI points to Anselme Batbie as the creator of this saying.

In the 1960s student protests were rocking the universities in the U.This saying did not appear in the previous edition in 1924. Kenyon Nicholson rather predicates his play upon the theory that if you’re not a leftist or socialist before you’re 25, you have no heart; if you are one after 25 you have no head!The compiler of the book was Sir Gurney Benham, and he also stated that there was a variant expression ascribed to Georges Clemenceau: N’être pas republicain à vingt ans est preuve d’un manque de coeur; l’être après trente ans est preuve d’un manque de tête.—Not to be a republican at twenty is proof of want of heart; to be one at thirty is proof of want of head. An excited supporter burst into the private chambers of the old tiger Clemenceau one day and cried, “Your son has just joined the Communist Party.” Clemenceau regarded his visitor calmly and remarked, “Monsieur, my son is 22 years old. There is a family of sayings that present a mordant judgment on this ideological evolution. Dear Quote Investigator: Some individuals change their political orientation as they grow older. The title in English of this 31 volume work was “The Great Encyclopedia”, and the statement was printed within the entry for Batbie.

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