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The reverse includes a stork in flight, the national motto and the denomination: 25 Bitcoin Cash (a derivative of the Bitcoin).

The 40mm silverplated coin has a mintage of only 150 pieces.

In 1814 a referendum was held and Campione again rejected becoming part of Switzerland.

During the wars of Italian unification of 1848 Campione Switzerland for annexation, but Switzerland rejected it, wanting to retain their neutrality.

This 2018 20 Franc coin of Bsingen am Hochrhein features the EU emblem and a multi-color image of the town's coat-of-arms one the obverse.

Bsingen am Hochrhein is a small German town (2.94 sq.

The town takes advantage of its status by operating operating the largest casino in Europe: Casin di Campione.

The casino is the town's largest employer and generates sufficient revenue for the town to operate without the imposition of taxes or other revenue sources.

The 35mm equilateral triangle coin has the nominal value of 2 Bytecoins. The reverse depicts a sailfish, the national motto " Vitam et Libertatem" (Latin for "Life and Freedom") the dates 20 and the denomination.

The Bytecoin is an independent cryptocurrency designed for anonymous cash settlements released in 2014. The silver-plated Proof coin a mintage of only 150 pieces.

Though part of Germany, by treaty it is not part European Union economic regulations or customs territory.

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