Katee sackhoff tricia helfer dating


BSGM: Riding a motorcycle is still seen by many as a predominantly male pastime, as fervent bikers how did you get to be bike-curious?Tricia: I got interested in motorbikes while filming of Battlestar Galactica.Katee: I’ve always been an adrenalin junky of sorts…although the irony is that I’m pretty much scared of my own shadow!Not sure if he’s involved somehow or just an admirer of John Ryland, but for whatever reason he was there when Katee was.Katee: I met him [Jeff Henshaw] through John Ryland from Classified Moto.

Every year it has grown from just a few Microsoft guys cutting loose on a sunny day, to a few hundred riders. Jeff told Katee about the ride and invited her to join, and she did…with me in tow.Which organizations are buyers donating to and what can we do as outsiders?Tricia: The donations from our merchandise and endeavors goes to different places depending on what it is.There’s a love that people from No La have for that city that can’t be denied. Tricia: It just made sense to do the ride and see if we could try and help out.BSGM: Tell us a bit more about your involvement with the Tulip Ride. Tricia: We got involved with the Tulip Ride because Katee had done a show, Cafe Racer, and met Jeff Henshaw.There’s only so much riding that you can show before it gets monotonous.

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