Lil scrappy and shay buckeey johnson dating online dating sites in the us


Recently, we sat down with her, grilling her about all things Scrappy, how she feels about Scrappy’s fiance Erica Dixon and if she was ‘acting’ for the cameras, with Flavor Flav. It was a show and when I was on the show ‘Flavor Of Love’, I was trying to win the title as the winner.

Because we were told during the taping that the longer you’re on the show the more relevant you will be. ‘Flav you’re cool peoples,’ but it wasn’t about that.

Shay Johnson was nicknamed Buckeey while performing on the .

She was in a blissful relationship with an American rapper Lil Scrappy in 2010.

Or maybe she knows her man is gay, but like most Atlanta women who are desperate for intimacy, she thinks half a man is better than no man. The down low men who are hustlers tend to connect with desperate women who pay their bills while they creep with other men on the low.

Reality show veteran Shay Johnson has not only earned her TV stripes, she’s also learned a few lessons along the way.

Fast forward to the present day and it appears that she’s in a love-hate relationship with rapper and cast mate, Lil Scrappy.

All I’m focused on is what he and I have, and that’s unconditional love.

Like most ladies of a reality franchise, Shay intends on making her mark on the world through her own entrepreneurial efforts.

“This is me putting it out there, it is what it is…

A recent study revealed 1 in 5 black men in Atlanta is infected with the HIV virus.

It was a show and I’m a very competitive person and I was trying to win the title. Not him.”The way Scrappy did me, he did find a way to cause a lot of trust issues within me – and that’s on me.

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