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Limburg's major cities are the provincial capital Maastricht, as well as Heerlen, and Sittard-Geleen in the south, Venlo in the north and Roermond and Weert in the middle.

More than half of the population, approximately 620,000 people, live in the south of Limburg, which corresponds to roughly one-third of the province's area proper; in South Limburg, most people live in the urban agglomerations of Maastricht, Parkstad and Sittard-Geleen.

Also, the central and northern part of present-day Limburg belonged to different political entities, notably the Duchy of Jülich and the Duchy of Guelders.

After 1794, the French unified the region, along with Belgian Limburg, and removed all ties to the old feudal society (the ancien regime), the new name, as with all the names of the départements, was based on natural features, in this case Meuse-Inférieure or Neder-Maas ("Lower Meuse").

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Popular carnival spots in Eindhoven include: the Stationsplein, Market Square, Hotel Pullman Cocagne, Wilheminaplein and the famed Stratumseind.

For a complete list of events Eindhoven , as it's temporarily known – celebrate Dutch carnival with as much passion as their southern peers.

Limburg has a highly distinctive character, the social and economic trends that affected the province in recent decades generated a process of change and renewal which has enabled Limburg to transform its peripheral location into a highly globalized regional nexus, linking the Netherlands to the Ruhr metro area and the southern part of the Benelux region.

A less appreciated consequence of this international gateway location is rising international crime, often drug-related, especially in the southernmost part of the province.

Nijmegen carnaval officially kicks off on 10 February with a procession starting at 11.11am that leads to the Market Place, when the people hand over the city’s keys to the Carnival Prince and tap the first beer keg to celebrate at 1pm.

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