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That was the bombshell that would clear him of any possible connection to the deaths of our Russian agents.

Just to make sure, I checked it out, even visiting Pollard in prison to confirm it.

It was only logical to assume that Pollard had betrayed the rest of them, as one former CIA official admitted shortly after Ames's arrest. Years passed, and eventually a Russian defector told the truth.

A senior FBI official -- Special Agent Robert Hanssen -- had betrayed the rest of our agents. Once again, Washington insiders circled their alphabet agencies to fire back at the critics who dared to suggest that Pollard might have been innocent of the major charge against him.

In the trade this is called a "false flag" operation: Your enemy poses as your ally and steals your secrets.

In this case, the CIA reasoned in attempting to explain its horrendous losses, Pollard had passed the information to Israel he had stolen, which in turn fell victim to the "false flag" operation.

The lack of "blue stripe" clearance was the final proof that Pollard could not possibly have betrayed our Russian agents. As a former federal prosecutor, I can state that it would be hard to rebut this kind of evidence.Weinberger also raised the "false flag" issue in his top-secret memorandum to the judge.The only possible way to uphold the sentence might be the "harmless error" doctrine.In a matter of months, every spy we had in Russia -- more than 40 agents -- had been captured or killed.At least that was the accusation, but the basis for it had been kept secret from Pollard and his defense counsel. The prosecutors produced a secret letter and memo from Secretary of Defense Caspar "Cap" Weinberger referring to the "enormous" harm that Pollard had done to our national security.Washington insiders thought they knew the big, dark secret: secret documents confirming that Pollard's spying had resulted in the loss of lives of U. On several occasions Soviet agents in New York had posed as Israelis.

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