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(You catch some water in the pail.) 2) Sahurin mo ang tubig sa timba.

(Catch the water in the pail.) Word: saing Active Verb: magsaing Passive Verb: isaing English Definition: (verb) to cook by steam, as rice L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: 1) Magsaing ka ng bigas para sa sampung tao.

(Tell us what happened to you yesterday.) Word: sali2 Active Verb: magsali Passive Verb: isali English Definition: (verb) to allow one to participate; to include in a group or group work L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: 1) Magsali ka ng ilang bata sa ating laro.

(You include some children in our game.) 2) Isali mo ang mga bata sa laro.

(You stack the plates in the cupboard.) 2) Salansanin mo ang mga plato.

(Stack the plates.) Word: salansan2 Passive Verb: isalansan English Definition: (verb) to file orderly; to put in an orderly stack L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: Isalansan mong mabuti ang mga plato.

(Go with Jose on the way to the office.) Word: sabay2 Active Verb: magsabay English Definition: (verb) to go with; to go at the same time L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: Magsabay na kayo nila Bill at Monica papuntang White House.

(Let us stuff some papers in the bag.) 2) Isaksak mo ang mga papel sa loob ng bag.

(Load your dog in the car.) Word: sakit3 Active Verb: sumakit English Definition: (verb) to ache; to be in pain; to be ill L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: Sumakit ang aking ulo nang marinig ko ang boses ni Josie.

(My head ached when I heard Josie's voice.) Word: saklolo Active Verb: sumaklolo English Definition: (verb) to aid; to succor; to help L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: Sumaklolo kami sa mga nasalanta ng baha.

(Stuff some papers in the bag.) Word: salakay2 Passive Verb: salakayin English Definition: (verb) to invade (a place) L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: Salakayin natin ang kuta ng mga rebelde.

(Let us assault the fort of the rebels.) Word: salansan1 Active Verb: magsalansan Passive Verb: salansanin English Definition: (verb) to file orderly; to put in an orderly stack L2 Definition: Notes: Examples: 1) Magsalansan ka ng mga plato sa aparador.

(You should ask first for permission from your boss before you go on leave for a long time.) 2) Sabihin mo sa iyong boss na ikaw ay mawawala ng matagal.

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