Maltese women for sex

The government conducted two investigations and initiated two prosecutions during the reporting period, demonstrating a decrease from the previous reporting period, when the government conducted five investigations and initiated seven prosecutions.

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NGOs continued to provide support and services to 10 trafficking victims identified in 2014, some of whom also continued to receive financial support from the government.

There were no reports the government penalized victims for unlawful acts committed as a direct result of being subjected to trafficking.

Maltese courts, however, have convicted some children for prostitution in recent years, and these may have been unidentified victims of sex trafficking.

Malta prohibits both sex and labor trafficking through article 248A-G of the criminal code, which prescribes penalties of four to 12 years’ imprisonment.

These penalties are sufficiently stringent and commensurate with those prescribed for other serious crimes, such as rape.

Police identified two trafficking victims, a decrease from 18 victims identified in the previous reporting period.

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