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The Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis pointed out in its latest report that; since November, the monetary base has expanded at just a 4} per cent rate; adjusted bank reserves have declined 2 per cent and the growth of non -borrowed reserves has slowed to about 1 per cent. and share mar- kets, are now being greatly in- fluenced by ! The central bank has kept this rate high as if has consistently been draining -reserves from the banking system to reach its money supply targets. EC3R 8EB Telephone .01^1 1212 The Oyer^the-Cpurrter Market lsao/at - uiota Low , Compaojf . SI Ann luge- & Rhodes' ■••47- — • 1.4' 3.0 19.3 44. 110 — 7.0 6.4 3.5 7.8 130 103 James Burrough 130 _ — 8.7 6.7 9.5 11.9 334. Thpse.- targets are - -being reached and economists at the Commercial; Credit- Company stated in their New Market lector that “ assuming that eco- nomic activity ^remains sluggish and that shift-adjusted M2B and M2 show further weakness, the Fed may encourage faster growth in bank reserves, which could, in turn, encourage a further drop in interest rates during the summer.” The shift adjustment noted by these economists concerns the movement by depositors of their accounts at Banks from - ordinary current accounts to new accounts that pay interest. But ..considerable uncertainty surrounds the .speed at which the EEC, • Commission takes clear whether wire rod would be covered 1 by the controls. 244 Robert Jenkins 314 — 31.3 20.0 — — 55 50 Scruttoas “ A ’* . 3,874 10-878 88% 51% Atml Power AS ' — 1 ' tji B 4 9,5 US ®S& ssjb- su 2 sssis ,? was demoted today to the status of a vice- chairman, Ond ’his . An official announcement rnis evening said 'that Mr Hua had offered - jbd&. Observers believe this is the culmination of h long process whereby Mr Deng Xiaoping, the leading vice-chairman and da facto ruler of Chiira, has eroded : Mr Hua's power- because of the as to how yesterday’s explosion policies. ed -_ According to the It may be only a matter nf don’t dare to come out them- selves. His pres- don’c dare to come out them- n p ar w J* ere Ayatollah Beheshti ence in . They’ hide in a corner v, u S a , meeting of represents the threat of a focal and send out children to be 2r° uc 30 leaders. hold presidential elections on mg officials in a bomb attack July 24. There was still some doubt “ Are rhey human beings or ®s t0 bow yesterday’s explosion not ? u r r F“' According to the [ Chairman Hua is demoted in reshuffle From David Bona via Peking, June 29 Mr Hua Guofeng, Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party and nominated successor of Mao Tse-tung,. the death of but he would not reveal it, nor confirm that it was the work of Ayatollah Muhammad Beheshti, J* 1 ® , clandestine Mujahedin IRP leader and head of the Kbalq guerrillas, who support Supreme Court, that shook the lbe dismissed President Banj- people of Tehran mast. “They Dom o went off in a dustbin signed to obsdurity. 80 ISO -1 «• - 4.4b 35 65 163 78 Do SSr Cnv £100 6.4 X1W5 104 .74 Mnnt^funi 94 . looked pleased day when Shops were closed as a week’s answered with blood. Mr Hua looked by fellow official mourning was declared. He deplored the sir Peter said he bad insisted Government’s new that more lnpecetrabiliiy of the • Japa- ^at the scene in which Roman must be done xo create new nese market” to European soldiers attempt to rape a druid, J° bs - . The companies are Stelrad (part of Metal Box), Radiation Ascot and Glow-Worm (part, of Tube Investments),. Because the ’ details were not given to Mr Borne before this any agreement! It would be open to any affected party, to take civil action. was a col- lusive' agreement as such although Thom Heating has said in its submission it has been advised that it may. tices Act and that' it has.' aban- doned : any agreement.’- Details of* pricing structures submitted . the companies Mr Gordon Borrie : seeking a court ruling show that there were price in- creases after the May 20 meet- ing of around 12 per cent mth some variations. It is not the first time'- that' fiie gas appliance industry has been involved in allegations of -restrictive agreements.

And Mr Turnbull and his colleagues are hoping that it will not be jeopardized by the recent developments in Tehran. Mr Parkinson has called the imbalance in tariffs with Spain wholly, unsatisfactory” and adds, “We must now look to Spam's accession to the EEC as - the best means of lowering Spain’s barriers to United Kingdom exports Preferential import duties and other charges - almost double the price-'-of cars imported into Spain, Mr Parkinson has said. I30*i - 734 Eng Chins Oer 1224 • -2 ■ XRb 7.2 6J 34 2L Modem Eos 26 4.3- TJ 7.7 S k T 1 a S?

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to % Tuesday June 30 I9S1 No 60.967 Price twenty pence W 'u ■ t-.'. They hide in a corner and send out children to be killed or arrested." The death toll from the out them- ncar wher « Ayatollah Beheshti a corner \ as addressing a meeting of en to be abouc 90 leaders. But the point around which neo-leftist killed or arrested." c’? L mer | t spokesman said a forces opposed to Mr Deng The „v,.h ,„i» 65 " lb bom b had been placed could gather. fli Saidson 1 i Tofttm Street, Westminster, London SWTP3QD By Julian Havfland, Political Editor tr - Mr diaries Haragbey’s advice been in greater strength along - ■ The , Mr Charles Haugbey’s adrice been in greater strength along - : The. Gold was last at these levels, on a rising trend,: in December 1979.

First Phoenix steel company is launched The first Phoenix joint ven- ture company to emerge from pie . 3CIt T- prodactaoa agreed to extend the mandatory He said he hoped British SSSS controls on most steel products Steel industry and^elmmiate overlap Fotxosobum of die new com- in an attempt tn raise prices, which was made possible ' - - - - Government’s moves - to remove overlap. □ British' Steel Corporation has halved its losses since last autumn and hopes to break even . 55 — '5.3 9.6 8.5 7.9 224 196 Torday limited 138 — 15.i 7.6 7J6 13.1 23 8 Twinlock Ord 14j — — — — — 90 68 Twinlock 15% ULS 80' — 15.0 18.8 — • — 56 .’ 35 'Unllock Holdings .

Government's ' efforts to rationalize Britain’s .steel indus- try, was formally launched yes- terday amid- ; uncertainty over prospects foy- its principal pro- duct, wire rod. by 1982, Mr Ian Mac Gregor, the corporation’s chairman, said at a news con- bet ween sectors. It will be the firsr in d us try was 80 per cent owned senes v of -calls designed to - by ~ multinational - corporations,' avail- assessing file proposals will be. 40 — 3.0 7.5 6.2 9.8 1(6 81 Walter Alexander 103 — 5.7 5.5 5.7 9.1 263 181 W. Yeates 252 — 13.1 52 4.8 9.7 growing _ compattyinthe last decade. E*ch Crini M 94t» «i 12.8SB 13.792 33 222- Anal Ueul 20.

the next to one of the waifs of the #**;*.« V , " w uric or me wans ot me “fj! J IS ^^ e P r Ub Il C ^ , Mr Naba « ad ded that evi- mini? Arc i- d ,f four ^ a - binet dence of those responsible for ™? 7 en€d without announcement chanting : “ The hero Beheshti Another radio - commentary ,a ** Saturday and ended Not this y is with. se » shown only ■ Black banners- dotted the city people to report all suspicious Dr Vr ly, H . centre and loudspeakers broad- movements and objects, many. Romans in economic strategy Britain’ From Michael 'Hornsbv and Peter Wanmm • By Frances Gibb Luxembourg, June 29 Sir Peter Hall, director of Mrs ‘ Margaret Thatcher’s President referred to this ^end S^fn co ST^-es^day hai^ne economic strategy was several times during bis half- the controversial play. High United States interest rates and the strong dollar have made gold a poor alternative to dollar investments . Gold investors have also beea- uhnerved by plunging - Silver- prices, which fell to a' two-year* low in London -of -858.60 cents an ounce on news that United States House of Repre- sentatives had passed . Gas boiler makers accused of collusion By Derek Harris ■ Commercial Editor . Six leading manufacturers of domestic-' central heating gas boilers were: accused yesterday by Mr Gordon Borne, Director General . Practices Court* to secure a ruling on whether there has been . - " ' The OFT chief maintains that at a meeting held- on May 20 last year tbe companies agreed they would each increase tbe list prices for their boilers. Although the companies agree the meeting took place and that prices were discussed they are contesting . 12Vr 1993 884 684 744 Treas 10** 1992 79% 300*2 84% Etch 334*4 1992 894 **4 1X357 14.751 j 5 " 33 At Un S Bros • 44 13202 14.531 L 9 9 Andloironlc -*4 14331 14^73 1 8 14 Do Prof * l*a Do Prof -1 .. 1_« 25 39.6 128 - 23*x Fbat C*s Ua • 4-1 '75' 6,1 85 307 318 Flaoni -2 144 00 7.0 87 .66 Fitch Lev alt XSb 7.7 11 IN 51 .

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