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And assisting our fellow Christian states is not just lip service.It is the duty of the strong to defend the weak, and that is what our Chancellor intends to do.” The red faced bishop looked over the surrounding office, curious with the wealth and status of the Consul. “If it is Christian nations you seek, you will find none more Christian than us.

My father wishes to know exactly what your government wants, and what we can expect in return. “ We dislike GHawkins as much as you and your people; we are not so open with our sentiments.” He stumbled over the last word.Then, another three self-propelled guns turned, firing another 15 rounds of high explosives accurately onto the target. Always be on the lookout, and use suppressive fire if you're not feeling safe. Prepare for a full war."The solemn message was heard all over the convoy, as night fell.By the time the smoke cleared, all that was left of the former firing location was a large crater, with burned, broken logs strewn over. Make sure all magazines are loaded and that you have close access to a weapon. There was much little time to set up camp now - they were going to be on the move as much as possible. Other than the obvious thwarting of GHawkinian interests in the area.” The consul could not help but smile as his Serreten counterpart spoke.“We are such a small nation, we can not risk offending our neighbors, in that we do not have the same liberties as say a nation of your size.” It only now struck the consul that this was potentially much more than just an average meeting to clarify the purpose of the Chancellor’s speech, and he cleared his throat before he spoke.“Well, you see, it is entirely possible that you could have the liberties of a nation our size, Captain, as we can..sure to stand behind you, should that be what you want” Again, the bishop moved to speak, and again Uhtred stopped him, this time with a wave of his hand.Another supply truck was hit - knocking it out of action and causing serious shrapnel injuries to its occupants. Then just as the fleet moved to isolate the burning remains of the tanker, another APC was hit, dealing significant damage to it, and causing injuries of various degrees to its occupants.

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