Mike hee and rainie yang dating


The Taiwan media helpfully compiled a chart of Sunny and Rainie’s respective exes and rumored dating partners.Thank you Taiwan media for always fanning the insane flames of gossip.Many of their friends said they both have feelings for each other.Rainie Yang's management company replied: "They both get along very well.Anything to drum up interest is savvy on the part of the production – too bad I don’t buy this crock of jello.Wrap Party Interview with Mike and Cyndi (English subs): I’ve heard that Mei Le, Go will premiere sometime in the Summer.

In recent days, Li Rong Hao accidentally posted an imitate picture of him with Rainie Yang together on Weibo but was quickly deleted afterward.I can care less if they broke up tomorrow or got married and had babies.As long as they are enjoying the relationship, let the couple be young and in love, will ya crazy fans!No matter how much Mike and Cyndi pose like a couple, I get the vibe that it’s all for show and they are trying too hard.But the Taiwan media is trying its darndest to imply that this offscreen coupling is a reality.Since Mike was caught going to a movie with Cyndi last month (along with another couple), rumors have persisted that they are dating., I thought 2 more shots and Rainie Yang and Wu Zun would start making out in front of the media and the cast.

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