My husband has a video of a women from webcam24

She trolls him at home, while he's eating, while he's watching TV with their daughter, on the escalator of a shopping mall, and more. Lisa did this to her husband for over a month, captioning the original video on social media, "My poor, poor husband. But let me ask you this, how the hell could I ever stop?"And it doesn't look like she's going to, because at the end of the video, when Johnny tells her to stop, she replied, "I never will." Shout out to Johnny for his patience.This will not be an easy or quick task, and it will require determination and courage from both of you, but it would seem that if you do not take some action, you are destined to live in ongoing mistrust.Your first task is to challenge your own presumption that all men are to be mistrusted.It seems that in both your families, the children were involved in the complexities of the adults’ lives, and now your children are bearing the brunt of their parents’ decisions and problems.Can you both take an adult stance and address the situation?PROBLEM: We are a couple married for 18 years with three children.I discovered recently that my husband has been sexting. We have not had sex for years and really and truly, I feel very rejected by him.

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I am really worried that he loves one woman he is sexting, as I’ve seen some of the comments and they are appalling.The children know about the sexting as well, so he is banished to another room. He says he is a very lazy man; he admits that he does nothing in the house and I do everything.He works away from home so he is not available from 7am to maybe 9pm and so I am alone a lot.Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know" is one of her most famous songs (if not her MOST famous), and it is full of lyrics that you can easily troll your spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend/roommate with, like actress Lisa Rieffel did to her husband.FYI, Lisa was an original cast member on the series .When he is home he is so tired, he spends most of his time in the bed. There are many women who are sexting him, but one in particular I am worried about.

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