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And at the beginning of the 2000th years, with development of means of mobile communication, there were services SMS of acquaintances.Around the world and in Russia services of Internet acquaintances are the most popular.

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With development of technologies of servicebegan to cover the increasing number of users of modern society Services of video acquaintances,lady video (in which the person was presented not by the questionnaire, and short video) were in the eighties widespread, now videoshops of acquaintances are available and on the Internet.

The beginning of rapid growth of services fell on the 60th years of the twentieth century.

In the eighties, with development of video equipment and technologies, there were services of video of acquaintances.

With development of electronics, computer facilities, the software and emergence of programming languages, there were first electronic databases of clients of dating services.

Existence of such bases simplified and accelerated work of these firms.

At the same time, deception cases are frequent: use of another's photos, distortion of own characteristics in the questionnaire, attempts to give out for the person of other floor and age.

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