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The single also earned a gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America for sales of 500,000 copies.

(SOUNDBITE OF FILM, "HEARTS BEAT LOUD") KIERSEY CLEMONS: (As Sam Fisher) Did you find my birth certificate? CLEMONS: (As Sam Fisher) They're all away for the summer. CLEMONS: (As Sam Fisher) Can I help you with something, or... The scene where I've had a little bit to drink and I'm on Toni's doorstep, you know, basically saying, will you please like me, which is at the heart of any film romance, every take, we would stop the scene. Another thing that made it pretty painless to sort of carry this film, if indeed I did, or to the extent that I did, is the fact that I had these vulnerable relationship scenes for the first time in my career, that I was speaking this dialogue across a room to Toni Collette. You know, besides playing the scene with me, she also was spotting me in the most literal gymnast sense.

(LAUGHTER) DAVIES: You know, this is - this character also lost his wife. And so I already had this great feeling of romance. And, like, three years later, when "Parks And Rec" was starting up, he took that Post-It and said, oh, yeah - I want to get this guy on my show.

The coffee shop called Baked was where I went every morning to get my coffee and my biscuit for canoe building. And so they tried to put me in one role, and it didn't work out.

You know, I'm playing a scene like this for the first time. And, you know, I know that you've written about how much it meant to meet your wife, actress Megan Mullally. And every day, I rode a bicycle to Red Hook, where I rented a shop space and built my first wooden canoe. As is said in Red Hook, it's an old dock neighborhood. And it's at sort of the southwestern tip of Brooklyn, where the East River meets the harbor. So looking out the window to the west, I had the Statue of Liberty in the window of my canoe shop. I had auditioned a handful of times for roles on "The Office." And Greg Daniels, who'd created the American "Office," and Mike Schur, sort of his star writer - they created "Parks And Recreation." And I guess Mike Schur had taken a shine to me at this one specific "Office" audition unbeknownst to me.

And Toni's attention - her rapt attention, her engagement - made me feel safe and gave me the courage to make a fool of myself, which is what was scripted. And it struck me that you met the love of your life at around the same age this character would have lost the love of his life. That was one of the things I occupied myself with, you know, while being Mr. So if you look out, you know, towards the statue and then to the right a little bit, you see Wall Street and the bottom tip of Manhattan. And he wrote my name on a Post-It and put it on his computer monitor.

Nonchalance is being casual, careless, unconcerned, indifferent, unserious and complacent.

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