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I've taken great measures to ensure that I have zero interest whatsoever in sex and never will develop any (copious amounts of antidepressants and hormone suppressing injections around the age when most youth start puberty were very beneficial).

I was also brought up with an understanding that it was not something people did to those they love. Is the OP saying it's impossible to have a "relationship" if you don't consummate it or can't just "close your eyes and think of England"?

What if over time the mystery and lust just naturally go away? The longer I'm with someone and the more I get to know them, the less sexually attracted I become.

Not that I don't like sex with them but not as much as I did when the relationship was new and exciting.

It’s sad when a once loving couple no longer express that love sexually.

However, people and situations change and must be accommodated in some way.

There comes a time to make that decision and choose.You can find more of Isadora Alman at "he never turned her on" means she never had an orgasm with him that's a separate issue.Whether or not her libido was dampened by taken the pill a woman would know whether she was sexually attracted to him or not.However, if one person is unhappy with the situation of “no sex between us” the other person has only the following options: 1.Urge the partner to come into counseling or go alone.One is that a person can learn to love the partner again by focusing on what is loveable about him or her, what originally turned them on, or what might be changed that might reawaken love and desire.

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