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By asking the interviewer what salary range she has in mind for the position, the candidate can both begin to tailor his own suggested salary correctly and determine whether the position would truly be a good fit for him.

Still, the question must be asked delicately to avoid asserting too much power over the interviewer.

I have had people inflate or deflate their salary expectations by ,000 in a matter of minutes; it looks silly and will surely make both of us uncomfortable.

Talking numbers is part of the job hunting process.

However, you don't need to appear bound to that number.

Sean Martin, content marketing manager at Directive Consulting, recommended phrasing your answer, "Well, I know that I need$X if I'm going to be able to pay rent and live comfortably enough to get the work done well, and I know that a lot of companies are paying in the $Y-$Z range right now for people with my credentials.

If the interviewer asks you about your salary requirements and you don't have a certain answer, you can try to be more passive with your response.

Try asking something along the lines of "I'm really passionate about this position and the company seems like a great fit for me, so I don't want to put a price tag on it. " Know Your Goal If the interviewer asks the dreaded salary question, it's almost always preferable to give them an actual number in response.

Sure, the applicability to his degree or previous professional experience plays a role."An interview is not an auction --let's not play salary games," she said."Know how much you are looking for and stick to it.Whether it's an increase from a current salary or a convincing starting salary for those new to the workforce --or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, a salary decrease or a less-than-ideal starting salary --that series of numbers is more often than not the factor that helps job seekers decide if they really should click that "apply" button.Even once someone applies for the job and lands the interview, however, the salary struggle is far from over.For younger people, I advise that you ask more about development opportunities rather than hard cash incentives.

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