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The anus retracts to natural tightness once the act is over. Actually your problem is quite common among early bottoming. My partner was very patient and ultimately we could actually do it after 3 months. If Section 377 is removed, self-restraint won’t be there anymore.

Its only the anxiety that makes the *** valves clench but with experience a bottom learns to take control of his *** valves. Firstly you have to indulge in good foreplay so that you overcome your nervousness and your muscles get relaxed. They (LGBTQ) themselves feel discriminated because they are treated differently.

At this point don't ask your partner to take it out but stay still at that point itself for a minute until the pain subsides and then continue further penetration. We have created a societal environment that creates a discrimination of these individuals.

Once the *** passes the spinsters you won't feel much pain and you will be able to respond automatically. If (Section) 377 goes, let’s hope such societal stigmas change.”“A law criminalising such a relationship is an example of social disdain.”“We don’t want a situation where two homosexuals enjoying a walk on Marine Drive should be disturbed by police and charged under (Section) 377 IPC.”“We are not here to talk about some kinky notions of ***…

I don't know why should I reveal my other sexual orientation to my family.... I am loyal to my family...time, cater to all their needs & by all I mean ever complained till date....... Revelation about your sexual orientation has to have a reason.2. Unless both of them agree to open up the relationship or if are fine with their partner sleeping with other people.

I am married since past 20 years & believe me very very happily, got few kids, my wife is very happy with me & same here. Irrespective of gender and sexual orientation if you've agreed to be in a monogamous relationship and sleep with someone else without telling the other person, you're cheating.

In case of bi sexual, they are able to satisfy it with their wife to a big extent, however as someone (@nikhpa) above rightly said with the good example of pizza, as natural human beings, they too get the desire to quench the other part of the desire they have within them. I think 99% of the gay men here are/will get married to a woman (whether bi sexual or gay).

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I stated my experiences so I don't think anybody is offended. OMG, I see suddenly "Morality", "conscience", "faithfulness" and "Cheating" seems to be concern for many guys here :) :) What is morality and who defines it? Overall, going by the comments made by various justices on the bench hearing the petition, it seems that the Supreme Court has more or less decided to repeal the law.

Find the safe, suitable way to quench that feeling and enjoy life without impacting your family life. No point in sacrificing and suppressing your feeling for the sake of your family or spouse and being too much "truthful". Morning I went and explained my fear and doubts and then they responded immediately. For some reason, bisexuality is used as an excuse to cheat by a lot in the queer community. Also bisexuality refers to the potential to be attracted to members of either ***.

No need to feel guilty either for such affairs as it is needed to satisfy your self. They wont even ask your name and number if you dont want to tell, not even at the bill counter. I got my results by evening and came out happily from that campus. I don't support or follow monogamous relationships but if you are in one, it doesn't matter whether you sleep around with a man or a woman. Doesn't necessarily mean you need both sexes to satisfy yourself. Hi, a lot of valuable suggestions here, and although I haven't been totally successful in dealing with depression I know that pets help, having goals helps, avoiding sugar helps, talking online to people who aren't fake helps, and probably a good relationship helps too although I haven't got one.

Ask your partner to make a slow entry by applying steady pressure till it goes beyond the spinster. turn bisexuals, which, in turn, has huge social ramifications.”“Homosexuality is not an aberration, but a variation; homosexual behaviour can be found in animals too.”---------------------------------Justice A. Khanwilkar(Referring to the Centre’s decision to not challenge the petitions) “This isn’t a U-turn.

While it is crossing the spinster, you will feel sharp pain. As a bottom you are going to give pleasure to a top. There have been subsequent developments such as the (August 2017) privacy judgment issued by a nine-judge bench.”---------------------------------Justice D. Chandrachud“The Centre had not challenged the Delhi high court judgment (striking down Section 377).

If one cannot handle without hurting someone then don't do it.4. Right now the denial about cheating is too strong here.

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