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(The sperm is the small white cell to the left.)A sperm cell is the male sex cell.

All animals (and many other types of organisms) produce what are called sex cells.

Sperm, short for spermatozoon, is the male sex cell and, like the female egg cell, carries half of the DNA , or biological information, necessary to determine not only the type of organism, but also its characteristics.

When the sperm cell and egg cell unite, an embryo is formed.

All of your physical characteristics are determined by the information contained in your DNA.

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This embryo will eventually develop into a fully functional offspring.

This process is what we call conception and is the first step necessary for reproduction.

The tail of the sperm helps give it the momentum it needs to reach the egg cell, so it is able to create the embryo in the first place.

So, just how can the male make sure that the information that makes him who he is, gets passed on to his children or offspring? Remember, we said that DNA is like a recipe book that contains all of the information that makes an organism who and what it is.

This explains why you might have your dad's eye color and height, but your mom's hair color and body type.

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