Penis size on dating sites

You are a lovely girl and I hope you meet someone just as special!

Take care x” Feel free to join me and make your own ‘WTF face’ at this one. My first date of 2010 was the worst date I’ve EVER had!

COED – According to 7 or Better, size really does matter.

The popular dating site caters specifically to men who are well-endowed, and to the ladies who love them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – ON TO THE NEXT ONE!

A recent study revealed that the average length of an American Man’s erect penis is 5.6 inches. Men and women alike can’t get enough of figuring out whether or not guys measure up.

He explains, “I had the idea talking to a few female friends who were complaining about investing time with guys who then turned out to have small penises.

Picture proof is not listed on the dater’s profile, however according to Pasternack, there’s a wide selection of people listing themselves as seven inches or bigger.

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Things have moved along considerably since last week, that’s for sure! ) The Positives – He had a great profile; well written, interesting, honest and really just quite sweet.

(Ssh now, you know at one point you thought K-Fed was kinda hot too!

Looks wise he’s almost like a younger, slimmer, green-eyed version of Kevin Federline.

Yes my dears, he went home and left me in the bar on my lonesome on a busy Friday night because he was “too uncomfortable to come back”. I felt so-oo embarrassed that I sat in the bar for a further 20mins gathering up the courage to get up and walk out alone.

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