Personal cam sight


A Wi-Fi-equipped dash cam is very handy for reviewing footage on a regular basis, because it lets you transfer captured video to your phone or tablet without unplugging the camera or its memory card.If you use a dash cam to record motorsports track days, or off-roading, Wi-Fi is a real benefit.

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Most also have a microphone, and record audio unless you disable that feature.

The same can be said for if you use your dash cam for recording scenic footage during a vacation drive: being able to locate a video clip based on where you were can be a big time-saver.

On the other hand, if you simply want a dash cam to act as your unblinking witness while you drive, paying for these extras doesn’t make sense.

When parked with the ignition off, the battery lets the camera operate in sentinel mode, with the ability to turn on and record short clips if it detects movement or noise.

However, if your car is regularly exposed to very high temperatures – imagine the car parked outside on a hot summer day for six to nine hours without a sunshade – you may want to buy a model without a battery, as those extreme conditions can damage batteries and the camera, too. There’s variety not only in fields of view (how much the camera can “see”) but also in level of detail.

The only distinction that matters is the distinction between things that work and things that don’t work.

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