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There are many Filipinos working there, so the Immigration officials are just making sure you won’t work there illegally.

Related Articles: Best Budget Hotels in Maldives, Best Luxury Hotels in Maldives and Budget Trip to Maldives Visa can be obtained upon arrival up to 150 days.

I’ve been to over 70 countries around the world as we tend to stay in a place for a little bit longer during this three-year journey. #dreamsdocometrue December 2017 Update – I finally accomplished my goal of visiting 100 countries in all 7 continents including Antarctica! We just bought a sailboat and starting in 2018, we will be sailing full-time.. Traveling in Asia and South East Asia is awesome for Filipinos since we’re part of the ASEAN.

I just got a ten year USA Tourist Visa while on a visit here in Colombia, here’s my Facebook post on how I got it. Westerners tend to pay to per visa in many countries!

The fee is fixed according to your nationality regardless of whether you’ll be staying 1 or 6 months, or whether you want a Single or Multiple Entry visas. – I only paid while Jonathan had to pay 2 for his British passport for the same six months multiple entry visas!

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I’ve been to other countries which do require visas but are easy and inexpensive; I usually applied for my visas abroad, so I don’t have a visa application experience in the Philippines. Before I forget, please remember that the Philippine Immigration requires us to show a return ticket.

When I left the country, I showed them my return flight for three months later( They asked me some questions, so I told them I was going backpacking and that they could check my bag if they wanted to.

I was a bit hesitant at the beginning, but that’s how they work, I finally got a 10-day single entry visa which was sent electronically.

The cost of the visa would depend on the processing period; we chose the 8- 9 days waiting time, you can get an urgent visa for up to 0! Related Articles: Best Luxury Hotels in Azerbaijan and Best Budget Hotels in Azerbaijan Related Article: Simple Guide to a Quick Trip to Baku, Azerbaijan Visa can be obtained upon arrival for stay up to 30 days ().

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