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So I simply added hundreds of women as one of my favourites (around 200 or so in an hour).About half of them added me as well (reciprocity), and presto, by the end of the day I was right up the popular board.Take, for example, the invention of the pill, or the Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill, which was first synthesized from Mexican yams (no, really) in the 1930s, then introduced for married women in the US in 1965 (although not introduced for unmarried women until 1972).Think how incredibly disruptive that new technology was for traditional ways of interacting.This time, I decided to take a more Machiavellian approach.

And tell me that you would rather be alone than with anyone else.Think of the role the humble Mexican yam played in the Sexual Revolution, in free love, in feminism, in the rise of single-occupancy apartments and the decline of the nuclear family.Perhaps the most disruptive technology is the internet, which has in a few years utterly changed how we communicate, share information, shop, travel, think and love.The reason Facebook succeeded, the film explained to me, is that its technology isn’t entirely disruptive.In many ways, it ‘fits’ with our evolutionary nature, which is used to living in a small tribe of 100-300 people.Facebook gives us an online version of this tribe, but it rationalizes it, streamlines it, makes it more efficient.

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