Ponder dating espn reporter

Whatever he decides will have a ripple effect around the NBA, changing the fortunes and outlooks of various franchises for years to come.Le Bron James holds all the power and, as always, he’ll be meticulous in deciding which destination will be the best for his career.The team has a winning record, and he has a solid 92.4 quarterback rating and has already passed for 1,434 yards. Samantha Steele, we demand a response to that question.This offseason, the league will wait with bated breath as its best player decides where he wants to spend the next few seasons of his career.His absurd level of play wasn’t enough to carry the Cleveland Cavaliers to their second title in three years either, but he’s still without question the Association’s top player.Some pundits expect the 14-time All-Star to find a new home this offseason, one where he can be surrounded by a stronger supporting cast in hopes of winning another championship or two before his play finally starts to taper off.

Even in his age-33 season, James put up 34.0 points, 9.1 rebounds, 9.0 assists, 1.4 steals and 1.8 three-pointers nightly throughout the 2018 playoffs, on ridiculous 53.9/34.2/74.6 shooting splits (while dropping over 40 points in eight of his 22 outings). He likely won’t win regular-season MVP for his troubles, as that honor will likely be bestowed upon the bearded dude in Houston.There is plenty of smoke here, especially considering this is the same website that broke the conundrum of Bryce Harper's girlfriend, uncovering the BYU soccer player who stole the slugger's heart.As for the 24-year-old quarterback of the 4-2 Minnesota Vikings, he was rather chatty about the 26-year-old ESPN personality on Twitter.But before we get ahead of ourselves, we must ponder: Why exactly would James join the Clippers?Especially a Clipper squad without De Andre, a two-time All-NBA 3rd Team selection and a player James was reportedly interested in the Cavs going after at the 2018 trade deadline?Here is an interesting question posed to the quarterback on Twitter.

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