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She tells me the address and I google it and it's a known crime area.She keeps telling me to hurry up and to be sure and bring some weed too. I message this morning saying that I didn't make it to the store on time to see her reaction. " For women who think they have it so rough, this was an obvious scam to rob me. Context, this guy messaged me on Tinder and I don’t remember him but he remembered me apparently.Now someone outside of your restrictions can try to message you first, but the second they try to send you the message POF will automatically tell them it can't go through due to the restrictions you have set up.

I keep getting guys who just wanna hook up and it gets old after awhile.

He said ok I don’t think I have ever done that before They have a long list of requirements from a guy and the guy must tick every box and all they bring to the table is their pussy, and am even talking about these disgusting obese women who are not easy on the eye, unemployed, unemployable single mothers who are in their late 30's early 40's who have hit the wall and their looks are rapidly declining. It is sooooo annoying how some bitter lady can report your account and you get banned...

Guys cannot reject chicks on there or else they get banned.. Mind blown I have never felt better I check them regularly and it just makes me depressed makes me feel insecure cause women rarely reply and often seems like I'm just lead on for attention ! I'm done I don't get a lot of messages but some of the one's I do get are from guys who didn't even bother to read my profile and it get's so friggin frustrating.

All I seem to do is plan trips and watch travel vlogs.

So I’ve rounded up the travel vloggers you need to follow for all the tips, tricks and fun things to do around the world.

I mean I try so send something with some substance(asking about something they wrote) and I receive a half baked answer. and well me finally working out so issus i have mentally.

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