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Charlie and Kirsten finally make a date, but just as their romance is heating up, she learns that he used one of his weak pick-up lines on her. Pennant ], Darin Heames [ Martin ], Marie Barrientos [ Clerk ], Cynthia Avila [ Nurse ], Christa Miller [ Theresa ], Cynthia Lynch [ Nicole ], Ingo Neuhaus [ Bouncer ] Ross, Owen, Kate Kirsten finds out about Rebecca and breaks up with Charlie.

Bailey likes Kate, the pretty customer he met at the shoe store, but is sadden to learn that she has a boyfriend. Joe promotes Charlie from bartender to night manager, but Charlie's not interested. Charlie sees Julia at the club and assumes that she is there partying.

I'm hoping to get all of the privileges now of a real pregnant person.

I want to be respected and given lots of royal treatment." The other reason to break the happy news was to explain why her body was changing so rapidly.

Bailey soon develops an attraction for Greer instead. Jane Gideon ], Doug Hutchinson [ Loren ], Michael Shulman [ Artie Baum ], Harry Johnson [ Professor Dwight ], Nicole Sullivan [ Terry ], Lauren Kenny O'Fallon [ Dana ], David Burke [ Bill ], Bob Kane [ Police Officer ], Erik Paladino [ Customer ], Beth Colt [ Molly ] Owen, Morgan Mrs. Kate, Owen, Morgan, Nina Di Mayo Kristen and Charlie sleep together.

"I was like 'I wonder if they think I went and got a boob job? Montgomery and Sanford already have a daughter, Violet Grace, and the actress has a son, Jackson, 6, from her previous relationship with Adam Kaufman.

Montgomery explained, "With Violet, they were all really, really excited and then they realized that babies don't do all that much." The 39-year-old actress is just getting out of the morning sickness stage and enjoying her favorite meal, Chinese duck noodles. Not too many doughnuts and Ding Dongs and Twinkies — all the things I wish I could eat and that as soon as I'm not an actress I will eat for the rest of my life." Congratulations, Poppy and Shawn!

Otherwise, she's doing her best to stay in shape during the pregnancy.

Walter Alcott wants to see the Salingers in person. Julia gets to the house wearing the new bar costume, and Claudia is missing, causing a very bad impression at her. When the phone rings in the morning they find Claudia in the kitchen and she blames them for not knowing anything about her life. They fight and Kate tells him that she will have sex with him, but he refuses to because she doesn't mean that. Nina tells her to be mysterious, surprising and make him jealous.

Charlie has a secret and won't tell, so they think he might be on drugs. Gideon visits again, and they all act as a perfect happy family to her. Claudia overhears their conversation and do all that to get Arnie's attention.

Julia holds a party for her "new friends", but they quickly abuse her generosity by trashing the house. Owen, Justin, Nina Di Mayo, Kate Sex seems to be the only thing on everyone's mind, but no one answers Claudia's questions about it.

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