Ps3 froze while updating gta v


DOES NOT address the current online issue/save file corruption.

Be advised to wait for a second update, or back up your single-player save before hitting up GTA Online.

Some users have escaped by simply switching off the consoles off and then turning it on.

ps3 froze while updating gta v-35ps3 froze while updating gta v-4ps3 froze while updating gta v-57ps3 froze while updating gta v-63

Solution: If the CPU heatsink is not clogged with dust and lint completely, you can use canned air and just blow it inside the laptop through the openings on the bottom and on the sides.

This is something of a cyclic trope because of technology changes.

However, those aren't the subject of this trope this trope is about games that take too damn long to load, and do so not just at startup, but the entire time you're playing.

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