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Cagen asserts that there is a little quirkyalone in everyone, whether people are born loving their own company or they convert later.The quirkyalone nation includes quirkysluts (who have high standards for relationships but lower ones for flings) and quirkytogethers (quirkyalones who are in a couple).But she tempers it with laughter because in her search for Mr. Usually, she doesn't date younger men, but decided to go out with him anyway. "I should've gotten out of there." Instead, she stayed. "He starts jumping the curb -- I didn't know at the time that you couldn't do that on roller skates," Broom recalled. "That's what you get for experimenting," Broom said, smiling slyly.When she showed up to meet him on campus, she spotted him doing push-ups in the grass. "Broken bones." Years after her wrist healed, and she'd had a few more sour relationships, Broom realized something else: As much as she liked being part of a couple, she didn't want to waste time dating people she didn't like.

lessquirkyalone018_Event on 1/5/04 in San Francisco. Author Sasha Cagen has published a new book, "Quirkyalone," which is out this month.The term has been generating a nationwide buzz among legions of ...more Tracie Broom, a 29-year old writer and food editor for SFStation.com, refuses to settle.The perils of the dating game, on and offline, have taught Broom that it's "very hard to find someone with sex appeal and intelligence who is able to engage on an emotional level that's deeper than a soup plate." Broom, who resembles a young Meryl Streep, arriving for an interview at A. Ferrari Foods in downtown San Francisco with a beige cashmere sweater tied loosely around her neck, manages to laugh wryly about her foiled romances.Her life is full in spite of them: She reads the New Yorker and spends her free time at art openings and rock concerts, buying herself flowers or writing letters to friends.When she laughed, sometimes her austere expression stretched into a goofy grin.

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