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I’ve been a Visual Practitioner since 1994, and I’ve worked extensively in all four main applications: Graphic Facilitation (extracting strategic thinking and decisions from groups) and Graphic Coaching (extracting strategic thinking and decisions from individuals and partners), Graphic Recording (live visual meeting notes), and Studio Work (carefully prepared paper, digital and video materials). so I just simplify it and use the term ‘Working Visually’.

As the unifying factor is using visuals in process work to help groups and individuals think, communicate and collaborate. just applied in different ways depending on the populations you work with and the role you provide for them.

I’m SO GLAD I followed my instincts to pursue work that speaks so strongly to me.

And that I have Christina as my mentor to coach me.

Forum of American School Superintendents American Institute of Architects (AIA) American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) California Association of Realtors California Association of CPAs Ass’n of Web Entrepreneurs Nat’l Ass’n of Women Writers Maryland Ass’n of CPAs Young Entrepreneurs Org.

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Returning home I set up my studio and within 5 days had completed my first pro bono mural, for a local organization, which is now proudly displayed in their lobby!FYI, like all of my programs, this course is a comprehensive, high-quality experience.As such, there is plenty to explain about it so you can make an informed decision about your registration.I received my first pay cheque 2 weeks after completing the course! I believe strongly in the power of working visually and its application is so wide ranging.I’m using charts directly in my teaching, templates to interactively engage my groups, and having a blast creating murals and visual aids (and doing Graphic Recording) for other teachers, presenters, leaders and consultants.The in-person version of this workshop is held once a year in Spring in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I Can’t Attend Live, What Is Your Home Study Option? She creates a lively and stimulating atmosphere, showers us with valuable resources, and is unfailingly helpful both during the workshop and in post-workshop coaching.

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