Ronaldson tippett engine dating

They were now located in a new fire proof, six story and basement steel constructed building at ? I have a copy of an 1896 CFS Co catalogue for clipping machines all testimonials date from 1895.

1879 - Henry Harrowell joins Wm Cooper & Nephews as the first Traveler (salesman) he and his two Sons Roland and Shirley were to play an important part in the development of Coopers in Australia and New Zealand.This is a theory I have at this time and I would like to prove or disprove it!The products covered in this time line history range from sheep dip, horse clippers, flexible shafts, sheep shearing machinery, the sale and production of stationary engines, industrial furnaces, car speedometers and accessories, house hold products such the electric iron, the Mixmaster and Sunbeam electric razor.This is a fascinating and complex history of three companies and how they are connected.Wm Cooper & Nephews in the USA were basically a marketing company of their sheep dip.Contact Information Email: [email protected](Ron maintains the Cooper and Villiers engine registers, and would especially like to hear from anyone with engines not already registered) If anyone else out there would like to contribute information or pictures about Cooper, Sunbeam and allied companies please make contact on the link below Type K 2hp @ 550 rpm, S/N KA163378. This is most likely one of the last engines with the type shown separately from the serial number.

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